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If you’re new to celestial symbolism, I think you’re fortunate to be starting 
with ASTROLOGIK. You’ll be learning 21st century astrology. If you’ve been 
consorting with the cosmic muse for years, get ready to lose your virginity
all over again; this guy will rattle you! 
- STEVEN FORREST astrologer/author

"Antero Alli is the architect of a rowdy and iridescent system of astrology
that liberates and never ensnares. He can teach you to teach yourself."

 - ROB BREZSNY author/astrology columnist

How This Course Works, Prerequisites, The Book


How This Course Works
Note: we will study Western Tropical Astrology (not Sidereal Vedic Astrology).

The Astrologik course is set up to allow everyone to go at their own pace with no set times or dates scheduled beyond the weekly assignments everyone tends to in whatever way they can, depending on motivation, time, commitment, etc. You will use your own astrology chart as a map to study the territory of your life. Every Friday you will receive links to private web pages with study tasks and previously unpublished astrological insights distilled from my ongoing astrological practice (since 1980). A private, password-protected online forum is made available for group interaction and for feedback from myself. I am also available for private e-mail correspondence. The forums remain open for all six weeks. All of the previous weeks posts and lessons can be accessed anytime; you can post questions and comments anytime. The forums and web pages will also remain open for six weeks after the course officially ends. Note: no Skype, instant chat rooms, video conferencing or phone calls used in this course.

For details on course content and structure, 
please read THE COURSE STRUCTURE near bottom of this page. 

from those who have taken this course before

This is a challenging Beginner's Course suitable for Beginning to Intermediate
levels of astrological understanding, meaning, an incomplete understanding
of the Signs, Planets, Aspects, and Houses.   Other prerequisites include:
1) setting aside six to ten hours per week for reading & work assignments
2) a willingness to accept frustration as part of the learning process
3) an inquirying mind and a sense of humor.

$190. paid in full (US Funds only) by or before September 22nd.
(non-refundable after 9/22/2017; credit can be applied to future courses)
Sign up anytime. When your payment is received, you will recieve a receipt
and more info. Your name will be placed on a the enrollment list reserving
your spot in the course. Limited to 25 students.

There is no PayPal button. Send payment to: verticalsource@gmail.com
(e-mail me if you don't know how to do this).

Send a postal money order or bank check payable to: Antero Alli
and send to ANTERO ALLI, PO BOX 19382, Portland OR 97280.
Include your e-mail address and a note re: ASTROLOGIK course
Please e-mail me to let me know that your payment has been sent
so I can reserve your spot. E-mail: verticalsource@gmail.com

Within 48 hours of receipt of your tuition, you will receive a confirmation
"receipt of payment" e-mail. On Sept. 18th, you will receive the password
to the Forum with instructions on setting up your profile page there. 

A limited supply of ASTROLOGIK is reserved for those enrolled in this course
and can be purchased by sending $25 within USA (or $30 to Canada and
$40 Mexico & overseas; includes shipping costs). When using PayPal, please
add $5 processing fee. Note: a scanned PDF file (25MB) of ASTROLOGIK book
is also available for $13; e-mail me for details.

PayPal: There is no "PayPal button". Send payment to: verticalsource@gmail.com 
Non-PayPal payments: Send postal money order or bank check, payable to: 
Antero Alli and mailed to ANTERO ALLI, PO Box 19382, Portland OR 97280.
Note: no personal checks or MoneyGrams accepted.

All books are autographed. Include your return mailing address and book title
with your order.
The 1999 Vertical Pool edition is the one used in this course
(reference: see above cover art).

An astrology chart will be constructed for your use in this course.
Please e-mail your birth data to: astrologik2012@yahoo.com
BIRTH DATA: Time of birth (am or pm?), Date, Month, Year of birth
plus Place of birth (city, state/province, country).

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at:
verticalsource@gmail.com -- Antero


(subject to adjustments)


Week One: The Houses 
The 12-point grid of astrological houses will be examined as a mandalic landscape of life experiences to bring greater depth of insight into the meanings of the planets, the astrological signs and the all-important Nodal Axis.

Week Two: Nodal Axis, 12 Signs as Mated Pairs & Ascendant 
How the Nodal Axis (North and South Nodes of the Moon) frames the context for the whole chart through which all the planets play a part in the "story" or personal mythos of the current life. We will examine the 12 astrological signs as "mated pairs" of charged polarities as demonstrated in the ASC/DESC and MC/IC axis, with a focus on the ASCENDANT (or Rising Sign).

Week Three: The Forces of Personal Development
The personal (inner planet) forces symbolized by the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are interpreted through the psychological process of individuation, a progressive development of the maturing personality and Ego. 

Week Four: The Transpersonal Forces of Soul Evolution
The transpersonal (outer planet) forces symbolized by astrological Uranus, Neptune and Pluto will be introduced as three distinct types of "outside shock" capable of catalyzing and accelerating transformation, spiritual awakening and humility.

Week Five: Aspects, How the Forces 'Talk' with each other
A little math will be required to figure out the angles shared between planets on your chart to determine how they "communicate" with each other: Conjunctions, Trines, Squares, Oppositions, Quincunxes and Sextiles.

Week Six: Transits, Mapping the Timing of Change
Using the predictive technique of "Transits", we will track and map the movements of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto to see how the timing of these forces might interface with our own charts and act on our daily lives.




I teach this online course once a year in Autumn for self-motivated students of Astrology, some of whom study the celestial language as a path to professional practice and others who use it for Self-knowledge. Though I offer no "certification", I do occasionally write endorsements to those demonstrating the standards, skills, and ethics I identify with professional astrological practice.

Skeptics welcomed! I don't believe in Astrology, either; I use it because it works. And it seems to work best as a language - not a religion, or science, or philosophy - for articulating the dynamics of the living, autonomous forces animating our existence. I don't believe the planets out there control our fates; that's superstition, not real astrology. I believe our choices, attitudes, and responses shape our destiny and define our reality. Astrology is also not therapy. It's a diagnostic tool, not a treatment plan, for clarifying our core issues and concerns by providing fresh perspectives. I like how astrology can be used to communicate complex truths in simple and sometimes, mythic ways.

If you have any questions regarding this course or myself,
feel free to e-mail me at: verticalsource@gmail.com

-- Antero 

On Busting Stereotypes and Exposing Cliches

Or "Why the Planets Do Not Control Our Fates"

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Born in Helsinki Finland, 11/11/1952. In astrological practice since 1980, Antero is also the author of THE EIGHT-CIRCUIT BRAIN, ASTROLOGIK, ANGEL TECH, THE AKASHIC RECORD PLAYER, PREGNANT UNIVERSE, LETTERS, ESSAYS & PREMONITIONS, THE VERTICAL ORACLE, and TOWARDS AN ARCHEOLOGY OF THE SOUL. His groundbreaking astrology articles have been published in PLANET EARTH and THE MOUNTAIN ASTROLOGER magazines.

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