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WHAT IS EXPERIMENTAL? Each of these short works (all under 27 min.) were developed with specific experiments in mind. Sometimes this meant doing something I had not done before. Other times it was about creating something I had never seen before. Or deconstructing a known genre or fashioning a new one. I'm always experimenting. If there's no experiment performed, it's not experimental to me. - Antero

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(2020; 8:34) The experiment: to record myself reading
an excerpt from my 2020 book, "State of Emergence"
about rituals for contacting the Muses archetype. Edited
with clips from two of my films inspired by the Muses
and group paratheatrical work footage.

The experiment: to depict the shift from quotidian time
to the timeless astral dimension in this excerpt from
my 2020 feature, "The Vanishing Field.

The experiment: to combine a field recording of the
ancient Diamond Sutra chant at the Great Vow Zen
monastery with footage I filmed at their Jizo memorial
garden commemorating children lost to death
from my 2020 feature, "The Vanishing Field.

MARIONETTE (2015; 3:48) The experiment: to film
Sylvi performing the pantomime technique of inhabiting
a marionette that comes to life. Excerpted from my
2015 magical realist feature, "Out of the Woods";
CGI processed by Michael McWhirter.

THE ANIMA (2008-15; 4:32) The experiment:
to convey my impressions of the
Anima archetype
by combining dream sequences from two of my
features, "Out of the Woods" and "The Invisible
" into a vision all its own. Vocals & music
by Sylvi.
CGI by Michael McWhirter.

RILKE'S DREAM (2005; 3 min.) The experiment:
to dramatize the archetypes appearing in the dreams
of poet Rainer Maria Rilke during his writing of "Requiem
for a Friend". This is an excerpt from my Rilke film tribute,
"The Greater Circulation".
CGI, Michael McWhirter.

ROADKILL (2001; 25:32) An experiment in love between
two different couples living parallel lives that meet up by
chance. Made without a script, we improvised the action
and the dialogue on site. Music by Sylvi.
Click this for more on "ROADKILL".

LILY IN LIMBO (1996-2001; 26 min.) The experiment:
to discover a story that mirrored a real-life spiritual crisis
Sylvi was undergoing at the time. This was also our first
film collaboration. Music by Sylvi. Text by Hilda Doolittle
More on "LILY IN LIMBO".

INERTIA (1994; 16 min.) The experiment: with no script
beyond this idea of two couples living parallel lives and
imprvised on site. One couple on the verge of breaking up,
another couple performing mysterious rites in the building
next door.
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THE RECKONING (1993/ recut 2020; 4:07) The experiment:
filming Butoh performing artists Jyl Brewer and Ed Byrne in
the underground cisterns of Fort Worden and in Seattle WA
unscripted and improvised on site in 1993.
Music & vocals
by Sylvi Alli added in 2020.

COLD FORCE (1992-93; 4 min.) The experiment:
to expose certain behaviors resulting in communication
breakdowns and breakups. With butoh artists Jyl Brewer
and Ed Byrne
at Fort Worden, Olympic peninsula WA.
I gave them no directions but simply followed them
around with my video camera.

DRIVING MYSELF THERE (1992/ recut 2020; 7:53 min.)
The experiment: to discover the sense of being out of
control while believing that I'm in control, "in the driver's
seat". Featuring an early (1992) excerpt from my radio
interview with Laura Lee. With dancer, Camille Hildebrandt

THE WORD, WEIRD (1992; 5:38 min.) The experiment:
to deconstruct the meanings and possible implications of
the word "weird" in this video lecture. Original and found
footage set to a soundscape of the NASA recordings
of the planet Jupiter.

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