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“The Invisible Forest” is full of treasures. It is able to depict those elusive
states which prove so hard to remember or describe when we awaken
from dreams. It incites and dares the viewer to let go of concepts and
accept the risky adventure of following the free, unimpeded energies of
body and mind.
Since, in real life, Alli engages in paratheatrical research,
it becomes obvious that the film’s fictional story is constructed out of
documentary elements."
David Finkelstein, (4-stars)


ANTERO ALLI (b. 11/11/1952) is a West Coast-based filmmaker who has written and directed numerous feature-length underground art films since 1991. Over the past two decades, his works have garnered critical praise for their social insights and depth of imagination. Alli's films screen in limited runs on the west coast arthouse circuit and are available on dvd. He resides in Portland Oregon with his wife, the composer/singer Sylvi Alli


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