THE DISCORDIAN SALON opens with “Companions of the Flame” a siren call from The Haunting Songs (Sylvi on vocals, piano, accordian, lyrics; Antero on guitar). You’ll hear Antero’s rare Experimental Piano Solos (performed in the dark as blind improvisations), and his Spoken Word Performance Poetry. Join him later at the mysterious illuminati gathering in the Cosmic Trigger Effect hosted by Robert Anton Wilson where Antero sees a UFO and meets Greg Hill (author of Principia Discordia) who teaches him how to play Five-Card Catma (with Antero's own unpublished Discordian Tarot deck).

Featuring Antero’s first ever public recording of his solo piano experiments, something he’s kept private for over fifty years. Asked why he plays in the dark: I only want to play what I’m feeling and seeing the keys gets in the way. Asked why he’s kept this private until now: I’ve had so much of my art and my work exposed and consumed by the public, I needed solace from the world -- a sanctuary, a sacred dimension beyond time and space -- and blind playing the piano gave me that.

* One CD disc in a dvd jacket.

CD and Downloadable MP3 available at The Original Falcon Press


"Companions of the Flame"
Sylvi Alli, vocals and lyrics
Antero Alli, guitar