from those enrolled in the previous ASTROLOGIK Online Course (2010-2021)

I was amazed how profoundly this online course worked for me. I understood the plot of my life and learned astrology in a way that became my own. I had a deep healing of my south node story and got clearity about my direction in life. I felt supported to make important decisions and empowered to move forward with astrology. THANK YOU Antero!

- Indira McCormick
Copenhagen, Denmark / Aljezur, Portugal


As a longtime student of astrology, I wanted to shake up my current understanding and gain a fresh perspective on this ancient symbol system. The Astrologik course proved to be an ideal way to do this. The online articles enhance and extend the material in the book, and the online forums further illuminate the reading. Antero offers practical exercises that assist with experiencing the forces described by the birth chart. My chart now feels like a map of pressure points that teach me how to exert maximum leverage to produce change and enter fresh territories of experience.

- Ed Welsh
Portland, Oregon


Antero Alli is one of those rare souls whose non-dogmatic, freedom-loving, creative-centered, think-for-yourself orientation makes him one of the most effective spiritual teachers I’ve encountered.  I took my first astrology class with Antero almost 20 years ago, and this online course further expanded my astrological understanding in ways that were refreshing and clear. I wasn’t sure an online course would be that dynamic, but with Antero steering the ship, it definitely was! Antero is a humble genius, and anyone who studies with him is lucky. Get him while you can!

Tamar Hurwitz
San Francisco


This richly engaging course administered in just six weeks builds week by week allowing the students to explore astrology through a very personal experience. The concepts explored in the course are deeply ingrained into your own journey in life, which allows the students to remain focused and attentive to the study. The online structure is easy to follow and the concepts portrayed in a logical manner. For me, I appreciated the wonderful opportunity to share in a public space, learn from peers, and have access to Antero's wealth of experience and knowledge of Astrology in a safe and engaging environment. I highly recommend this course for anyone who would like to explore themselves through a new language, form new thought connections, and most importantly to have fun!

Petaluma, CA


The course Astrologik is a genuine transformational journey. Antero, as teacher of this material, embodies the content through his distilled, focused and honest feedback on the forums and personally. The course materials are dense, magical and engagingly honest. I recommend this course to anyone at all who needs to know how to interpret the whole chart, as a living hologram for self-realization. Welcome to 21st century astrology. Thanks Antero.

- Lea Le Cornu
Newcastle NSW Australia


I found this approach to Astrology (Astrology as a language) to be highly effective for gaining insight into myself. I already had some astrological wonderings in my head, but this course helped me to find context for them in my own life. Antero's feedback was extremely helpful. Thank you.



Taking this course was the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. Not only did I gain much more insight into astrology I also gained more insight into myself. You have to want to learn this stuff though. Antero offers an opportunity to go in deep if you are willing to put the time into it. ASTROLOGIK is one of the most entertaining astrology books I’ve read. The web pages are informative and linked to more info and essays… there’s plenty of material to sink your teeth into. Antero’s feedback is GOLD and he gives it generously and honestly. I’ve studied with others but never have I had the opportunity to look this deeply into my own chart. It made a world of difference because the forces become very real that way.

- Karen T.
Goleta CA


In my experience Antero's Astrologik opens wide the heart, mind, soul and spirit. Early in the course, , I found myself swept along by the momentum of the forum, eager to be able to participate, gleaning as much as I could about the nuances of Astrology as spoken. My experience of the forum is most certainly a positive one. Thank you Antero for your care. I have been blown away by your capacity to respond to each and everyone of us so consistently and so appropriately. If Astrology is a living language, which is how it has made itself known to me, I feel I have been alivened by it. I have also felt well anchored by the way my own experiences have been honored and called upon as pathways to understanding the energy behind the words. This has facilitated a deep style of learning for me, a solid foundation.

- Ana
United KIngdom


Taking this class with Antero is like peering through a giant telescope with a guide who can tell you the names of the closest ones, allowing you to get a taste of the realms of information beyond mortal comprehension. Then he gives you a framework for conducting your own inquiry. What more could you want from a class? 

- Marian Magdalene
Portland OR


Antero's responses to each student's inquiries, concerns, issues and ideas are carefully considered and meaningful rather than bland or recycled stock comments. Always clearly witten, concise and compassionate, Antero reveals an amazing ability to custom tailor his replies -- his whole 'online presense' even -- to match the mood of the topic at hand and the unique learning style of each pupil while retaining a solid Anteroian core that never dilutes into 'wishy-washy it's all good'-ness: make a wrong turn and he'll tell you, then make sure you understand and have learned from the experience.

- Brian
South Korea


I had never taken an online class before and must admit held some prejudice towards the "lesser-than-direct" learning experience. I could NOT have been more wrong. The course blew my expectations: "Educated" is a terribly off word to describe the effects of the class.. "Experienced" is more like it. Firstly, the online forum proved a truly rich place where ideas were shared by all and I found I was learning from others as much as from Antero. The online modality quickly revealed to me that is more participatory rather than less, as we each get to read each others' assignments (when posted publicly) and Antero's feedback to all. We each got to witness many discoveries unfold.

Antero as a teacher is superb. His language style is vibrant. He draws from his mind, heart, and soul when engaging with a student. His replies to any and all questions/comments are immediate, caring, and challenging. Antero is willing and interested to learn with the students and dive into the magic together. One feels that teaching this course serves him to refresh and articulate his own relationshp to this ever-unfolding language, and thus he shows up as a truly organic teacher. I thought I was going to be exposed to "information". As it turned out, I was invited to jumpstart my life, look inwards, outwards, and beyond, and rewrite my vows to my choices, muses, fears, delusions, and highest ideals. Scary stuff.

~Yael Kievsky
Oakland, California


This class has provided the food for thought I was craving - intelligent, provocative discourse in the language of astrology. There is no coddling or fluff here. Antero's comments and feedback are direct, insightful and challenging. The online forum allows a diverse group of individuals to participate in a way that couldn't happen otherwise, and I have learned something from everyone. (Think how much we have opened up to this exploration of the universe within and without in the relatively short time we have come together as a class!) As a teacher, I felt Antero offered respect for each student, support in understanding and developing perspective, and encouragement to change your mind. Literally.

- Denice


It has been a pleasure to begin my study of astrology with you, and in this environment. Having started class with almost no prior exposure to astrology, I found your presentation of the material to be intuitive and well-organized. My own chart was absolutely the most important tool for me, and your weekly web pages were excellent resources for finding an increasing sense of depth and complexity in my chart. Astrologik has not only been a course about astrology but an opportunity for self-exploration, and your presence in the forums has been supportive and encouraging of this exploration. Thank you.

- Jeffrey Fisher
San Francisco


With the rest of the world seems hell-bent on accepting diminished responsibility, Antero's course offers the participant something rare and wonderful: a series of interactions that will shock, challenge and disrupt. His uncommon vision and deft interpretation eschews easy answers, in favour of hard questions. It's astrology, calibrated for these strange days we're living in -- free of the moth-eaten, doddery old pablum and weak-thinking this field is notorious for.  Be warned: If you do the work, Antero's generous, relentless insight will propel you into all sorts of strange adventures. Thanks very much for the last six weeks. It has been a robust, humbling, and empowering time for me..

- Hamo
New Zealand


Your insights, your energy, your engaged feedback, and your insistence that the students offer their own interpretations and conduct their own experiments before you say much has created an optimal learning environment for me. Somebody also asked for part two. I'm not at all against part two, but I can imagine taking part 1 again. This course has delivered extraordinary value. Thank you!

- Eric N. Peterson, Ph.D.
The Tequihua Foundation


Your Astrologik is wonderfully useful and clear. The focus on the houses/states has enlightened me in grounding astrological meanings i have been trying to grasp abstractly for a while now. Now I understand that the houses are where the action is and the importance of being well-rounded. After taking both the 8 Circuit Brain and Astrologik courses, which are full of creative people, I can vouch that these tools for vitality help your students spring back to life. This urgency is invigorating! Thank you. Your book and responses in this course always catch me as uncanny -- like you have X-ray spex!

- Alison Levy
New York


I have loved this experience and have learned more than I thought I would! I expected to learn many things about astrology and how it may apply to our lives. I never imagined that I would actually begin understanding a "language" based on personal/everyday experience. The things I could recognize through my experience, made it easier to understand astrology.

I think your style of teaching reaches out to others. I for one enjoyed this setting since I was able to fit "time" around classwork vs the more traditional fit classwork into a rigid schedule of "time". I enjoyed learning via the group setting as this has enabled me to learn from viewing the perspective of others. When I see how others use the same "language" to interpret different aspects of themselves, it helps me understand (when looking at someone else's chart) that we all perceive reality in slightly altered fashion. I suppose I've come to view astrology as a "language for the soul".

I would absolutely take this course again because your style of teaching adapts to each individuals level of knowledge and enthusiasm. The same material will lend itself new information because when learning through an experiential setting when the experience is fresh the information is expanded. Of course a second course with expanded material sounds like a wonderful idea and I would love to expand my knowledge. I still have a long way to go with the basics yet so I'll be sure to keep a watchful eye for future repeat courses.

- Anthony John Calkins


I think this course was just brilliant--so glad i opted to "learn how to fish" rather than just getting a reading for my money, hahaha. I had no idea it would be this rewarding. Antero, i loved how you genuinely did demand a creative engagement with the material, besides presenting such a rich approach to it yourself. I also loved how this style of astrological work focused on the fundamental psychological processes the symbols represent, rather than working at a shallower level--this is astrology for true self-empowerment and creative self-transformation. A form of magick, no doubt. I also loved the forums for getting to exchange views and hash out ideas.

- Karlita


Your web page readings you have posted for each week are simply amazing. Very rich and dense in information, I was blown away every time. I really appreciate your timely feedback on the posts as well. This course is more than I could have ever imagined. Learned more about astrology in 6 weeks than in the past few years combined. Thank you.

- Geoff


This six week course has expanded the way I look at astrology so much. The time and energy you have given this group, along with all the other commitments you have is astounding. The way you come back at each of us with the energy of liberation and mindfulness to incite us to find our own understanding. the care and facility with words. thanks so much for the inspiration. My only criticism is that the course is over too soon and there is so much more to know. The years of work you have put into it seeps out of every word.

I've taught dance and theater for years and I've always worked to find ways to keep from laying my own agenda on my students; rather to seek ways for them to come to their own understandings and values. The best way to learn is to teach so I think I have insight into why you do this. we can always talk to ourselves but talking to a student who is burning up with new insights is the most exciting, a great payoff, and sparks new insight and growth for ourselves. thanks for letting me be your student/teacher.

Harold Bahr
Lost Coast, California


This course represents transiting Uranus on my 3rd House cusp Antero, you really brought fresh air to my knowledge of astrology as well as to other parts of my life...There are many informations, and many very inspiring feedbacks. Maybe the course is too short and I'd like to have you as a teacher again.



This has been a tremendous event and learning, and I did learn alot! The website format is really useful, the organization of information well thought out: made it easy to use. I usually have so many questions that I am a pest in a classroom, here for some reason I didn't have so many questions, maybe because you answered them, or I could slow down and think! Your quick and rich responses were really the main reason this has been such an amazing rich class (and your elevated consciousness and urge to reach towards transformation). Your availability has been a real gift. I too wonder when will we get to do this again? I imagine this format must be very demanding on you. I don’t think I stood up to the level at which you gave to us (me). For that I have been a fool.

-Gina Bostian


This course has exceeded my expectations (and so has my ignorance lol). It has actually been therapeutic, a logical and synchronous extension of personal and soul work I've been doing for a couple of years. It has been absolutely inspiring in a different kind of way - the word "holistic" comes to my mind. They say you never stop learning, you're always a student of Life, but I can actually feel that statement now and not just hear it and nod my head passively. This is a great new beginning for me. I've learned a lot from all the students/teachers here too. Thanks to you for insights and your devotion to your teaching, Antero. This has been amazing!

-Corinne Branigan


This course definitely gave me an insight and learning to astrology far beyond what I expected. Both personally -it stirred up some STUFF for me to look at- really look at. It also challenged me to step to a new level with my interpretation skills- out of my fact-based brain and into the "feeling" part. Anyway, I have enjoyed and so appreciate your insight/wisdom/experience Antero as well as all the creative, thoughtful, and just damn cool posts I've had the privilege to read here.

- Aleka


This course has been awesome. I knew that there was a lot more to astrology than I thought, but didn't quite know the extent of what I was getting into! Unfortunately, I didn't have time to participate quite as much as I would've liked to either, but I enjoyed the material and feedback immensely, and felt like I've learned a lot here. Probably my only complaint is that I wish it was a bit longer, to give a little extra time to read through everything and absorb the material more. 8 weeks would've been good!

- Justin Amen


Antero teaches a great course. Astrologik is inspiring, revealing, challenging and fun. His approach breathes life into the study of astrology, taking it beyond the over-conceptualized semantics one usually encounters and reveals astrology for what it is: a living reality beyond the symbols used to represent it. Take his course, you won't regret it.

Washington DC


I came to the course knowing little about Astrology. I leave it with a working vocabulary for this language, an awakened sense of the forces at play within my inner and outer world, and a confidence that I can walk under my own power upon this path. Thanks, Antero.

- Steve


I thought the class was well organized, inspired, and original; but it was your one-on-ones that really made the class, IMHO. You are a master intuitive, and you never talk down to 'your' students.

- Jacob Shefa
Palm Springs CA


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