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In astrological practice since 1985, Antero is the author of numerous books and has
written numerous astrological articles for MOUNTAIN ASTROLOGER magazine.
Every September he teaches ASTROLOGIK, a six-week interactive
online course
on horoscope interpretation. He currently resides in Portland Oregon.

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"I was quite impressed with Antero Alli's reading of my birthchart.
His work is original, intelligent, helpful and accurate,
and he delivers it eloquently."

author of "Inner Sky"


I have known Antero Alli for over 20 years and have experienced
his genius in many forms. Without fail, I am always struck with his
originality of thought and vision, and his capacity to inspire these
same impulses in each person with whom he works, bringing them
to a fuller and deeper experience of their true nature.

Diplomate Jungian Analyst
C. G. Jung Institute-Zurich


In addition to being a marvelous writer, the author (or should
I say channeler) of some genuinely novel occult psycho-manuals
that have more than stood the test of time, Monsieur Alli is a fine
astrologer. In addition to approaching this arcane not-a-science
with a refreshing blend of revisionist candor and deep respect for
the psychic density of traditional symbol systems, Alli possesses
the additional gift of frank intuition. Though he knows me well
enough to have loaded the deck in his favor, I found his comments
and suggestions to be thick and juicy -- so much so that,
a year later, I'm still chewing on them.

ERIK DAVIS, author
TECHGNOSIS and other books
San Francisco CA


I was so impressed by your reading.  It went to such a deep level,
and it was all true of the life I’ve lived.  It gave me a new understanding
of many very strong patterns in my life, and why I am and have long
been in the process of trying to transform many of them.  It also shone
a light on how to approach the future and gave me a sense of anticipation.
The understanding you offered was truly healing.   I was struck by your
ability to go to a deep spiritual level of interpretation beyond what is usually
understood in a chart.  I studied astrology for a few years, and am familiar
with the more superficial interpretations that are taught in most books. 
 I appreciate your deeper penetration into the meanings and effects
of these energies.

Alberta, Canada


I would like to express my gratitude in saying that I am more than
satisfied and impressed by your interpretation of my birth chart.
I'm am just blown away by your knowledge, intelligence, and intuition
as well as the how eloquently you spoke. I do not feel that anyone
has ever understood my soul on that level before and I am so grateful
to have had this amazing experience. You truly are a rare and gifted soul
and I am honored to have this reading from you. You were on point
with pretty much everything you said.

Real Estate Agent
Boise ID


I owe you a debt of gratitude for the most insightful, soul-shifting
wake-up call I've encountered via a reading of any kind, ever. I can
hardly believe my good fortune, to encounter such a skilled surgeon
of inner-space, whose scalpel cuts so kindly yet deeply to the core
of matters, carving away existential fog and fat. In addition to astonishing
talent and vision, your gift for language further illuminates and makes come
alive concepts that might otherwise fall flat or confusing. Through this reading,
I feel I've obtained a treasure map of the unique and beautiful road ahead,
where I may reclaim my life, soul, self, and vision. I am thankful beyond
words.I t will be my pleasure to highly recommend you to all.

Registered Nurse


All who have encountered him are profoundly lucky that Antero
is so deeply dialed in to the cosmic radio. His readings are enormously
compassionate and humourous, offering a clear peek down the path
leading to more conscious and insightful living. Over the years my
original attitude of curious, amused skepticism has melted into
amazement at the uncanny accuracy of his bullseye interpretations.
This cat is one of a kind. Four Stars.

Jazz Singer
San Francisco CA


I have enjoyed the experience of Antero Alli's astrology readings,
and his art in the forms of theater and film for over ten years.
Antero has never failed to inspire me, to break me free of concepts
that limited my freedom and my joy, he has never failed to show me
ways I am not being responsible to my life and hence not living to my
fullest potential. He delights and awakens, with radical intelligence
and compassion. If his words are accepted and digested the most
beautiful flowers seem to appear from his nourishment.

Mother, Code Pink Social Activist, Producer
Los Angeles CA


It is not often in life we find a trusted advisor who can help us navigate
the thin line between chaos and order, routine and imagination. A master
of the hermeneutics of possibility, Antero brings a refreshingly punk
sensibility to an art too often lost in vacuous patchouli. As the song says,
'it's not what you do, it's the way that you do it.' And Antero does it better
than anyone I've come across. Anyone expecting moldy old tea leaves
will find he's a shot of psychedelic Tequila.

Author, Associate Professor
California Institute of Integral Studies
San Francisco CA


I feel fortunate to have Antero Alli read and interpret my
astrology for many years. His readings are succinct,
understandable and tremendously accurate. I have used them
as a guide for the passages of my life and found them to be
extraordinarily helpful. I have also recommended him to my
family and others and, to this date, have not had a complaint.
I have also had the opportunity of reading his books and
commentaries on astrology and, find his writings to be
extremely informative and poetic.

Doctor of Osteopathy, F.A.C.O.S.
Physician and Surgeon
Santa Rosa CA


I shall preface by stating that by nature I'm a skeptic.
My personal birth chart reading with Antero Alli was not my first.
However it still by far one of the most useful compasses, to date,
for me to check my life navigational strategies against, and with which
to make some changes. With some forewarning, I have very much enjoyed
watching Antero's (then) present predictions come to fruition and was more
able to adapt accordingly. Whilst my future direction has perhaps long been set,
Antero stating some things with a beautiful simplicity regarding my future
had been of great assistance in gaining greater comfort with this,
thus reassuring me of my own ability to meet it successfully.

Personally I find him to be without pretension and possessed of a level of tact
and sensitivity to tailor each reading and questions to the person to whom they
apply with as personal little bias on his part as can be reasonably expected.

Krys. Koseda 
Wales, UK


Antero's astrological readings have been nothing less than
extraordinary. His understanding, clarity and perception
convinced me to heed his practical advice, which has proven
to be helpful beyond measure; what a gift! I have recommended
him over and over again, to believer and skeptic alike, and
will eagerly continue to do so.

Psychologist, Forensic and Clinical Practice
Berkeley CA


I have had many charts done by different astrologers, but never
have I had someone describe me in such startling detail. Antero
described the essence of who I am in a way that offered
psychological depth, compassion, and universal knowledge.
It was eerie in a way because he knew things about me that I have
never told anyone. This is not the astrology reading where you
hear general personality characteristics that could be said of
anyone. I would recommend his reading to everyone
--especially non-belivers.

San Francisco CA


Sixteen years after my first reading with Antero I still look
forward with great anticipation to the insights, humor, wisdom
and fun that I will experience when my next transit reading
arrives in the mail. Antero's brand of astrology, a "language of
tendencies" as he likes to call it, is one that casts a bright light
into the dark corners of my psyche, allowing me to make better
choices in my life and look deeper into my self in the process.
If you're looking for "answers" or lots of neurotic nitpicking
about Mercury retrogrades or void-of-course Moons then you'd
best look elsewhere. However, if you want a down-to-earth yet
cosmic view of what future directions might work for you then
Antero's your man.

Web Developer/Digital Archivist
Black Diamond Equipment
Salt Lake City UTAH


Alli is aware of the fluidity of human beings and of life, and
does not seem interested in giving anyone a false security or
the nice fuzzy feelings of "knowing." The truth and nothing but
the truth is stuff of the moment, and my passion for exploring
inner space wants intrepid truth- bearers for companions.
In 1905 sports writer Red Smith wrote, on writing: "... there's
nothing to it. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and
open a vein." Antero Alli's flows a deep, deep red.

Pioneertown CA


His voice is that of a scholarly doctor but with an unexpectedly
playful delivery that made it intimate and real. He was often
so close to what I knew of myself it was as if he had known me
all my life. Many of the comments were directed toward action
in day to day life, helping the continued integration of a vast
amount of information. I was so moved by what I heard that
I typed it out. Reading the transcription, I see some of the most
personally meaningful sentences that I have ever read.

Port Townsend WA


My astrological transit reading with Antero was extremely
helpful in guiding me through a difficult time. He offered
some practical and esoteric solutions that have helped me
navigate some stretches of rocky road with a little more humor
and compassion. He has a profound understanding and intelligent
articulation of how to transform and learn from what appears
to be the darker challenges of these times.

musician/spiritual counselor
New Mexico


Just wanted to say thanks for the reading - got it a couple weeks ago,
and was thoroughly "wow'ed". Very insightful stuff, and I will be listening
several more times to absorb it all in, I'm sure. I think I was on the right path
with some of my own interpretations from the classwork, but you dug deeper
and connected the dots on levels I wouldn't have thought of - as I expected!
If I wasn't convinced of astrology "working" before, I certainly am now.
You seem to know me quite well for never having met me, sir! Haha.



Antero has a perspective on astrology and life that is rich
and unique. True to his own vision, and clearly a pioneer in
all he approaches, he is a delightful mix of Hermes and Pluto;
a Trickster who is hell bent on uncovering essence.

Professional Astrologer and Life Coach
Berkeley CA


Antero is so original! I am a professional astrologer and have
read a lot of astrology books and participated in a lot of classes.
And it's so nice to get a fresh perspective and a unique angle on
this stuff. Antero always gets me thinking and helps me to be
more creative in my own work. And I appreciate that.

Professional astrologer
Berkeley CA


Antero is by far the most helpful and perceptive astrologer
I have ever known. He also listens to me and then doesn't let
me change the reading to suit what I might think is going on.
I love his voice and his way of diving into the unknown and
pulling me back up with him to the surface. He is much the
seer as he is the astrologer. I trust him to the degree, I have
asked for his help when things were making little sense and
I needed a guide to help me sort things out. Other times it has
simply been my birthday present to myself. I have had him do
readings for all my children and many of my friends. He's the best!

California wild woman
artist, writer, crafts person
Mendocino CA


Antero Alli has a different, refreshing and inspiring way of
looking at Astrology.

Geomancer and Computer programmer
Glastonbury, England