"The concepts raised in “The Book of Jane” are profound and often complex
and provide evidence of the artistic power that can be generated through
underground filmmaking."
- Phil Hall (5 stars)

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Luna Olcott as "Jane" and Marianne Shine as "Alice"

Alice (Marianne Shine), a Professor of Comparative Religion, is writing a book exalting the ancient values of pre-Hellenic goddess mythologies. One day she meets Jane (Luna Olcott), an enigmatic older woman who roams the university campus, sleeps under a bridge, and rattles Alice with her disturbing insights. Alice is also a muse to her live-in partner Colette (Madeline H.D. Brown), an inspired artist who paints goddess portraits. When Colette hears about Jane, she encourages a reluctant Alice to invite her over for dinner. "The Book of Jane" is an urban fable of Feminine initiation for three women of different generations attempting to embody the values of an ancient culture -- but at a deep cost none of them expected.


"The central performances by Luna Olcott and Marianne Shine are astonishing.
These women brilliantly absorb the idiosyncratic failings and triumphs of their
respective characters, resulting in a pair of in-depth creations that resonate
with a myriad of emotions."
- Phil Hall, filmthreat.com (5 stars)

Luna Olcott as "Jane", Madeline H.D. Brown
as "Colette", Marianne Shine as "Alice"

Morpheus Ravenna as "The Morrigan"
Felecia W. Faulkner as "Detective Aymes"
Duncan Cook as "The Apartment Manager"
Nathan Rosquist as "Tom the Student"
Brian Livingston
as "The Coroner"
Sylvi Alli as "The Raven Singer"
Joe Estlack as "The Plainclothes Cop"



THE BOOK OF JANE is about three women of different generations
mirroring the Triple Goddess mythologies of Maiden, Mother, Crone.
This vision guided me to the Irish Raven Goddess of The Morrigan,
"the Phantom Queen" of fate, strife, and battle.
These elements
combined to show me how the shocks and traumas of our lives
act as evolutionary triggers, though by outward appearances
it may seem otherwise
Antero Alli/writer/director

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Drowned in your waters, swept away by your storms, laid bare
on your rocky shores -- my corpse ravaged by a murder of crows.
I am yours to do with as you will. Phantom Queen, Great Queen,
where will you take me today?

"Heart" by Sylvi Alli
from the soundtrack.