by Geri De Stefano-Webre, PhD

Introduction -- read an excerpt
Paratheatre, Active Imagination, and the Asocial
Crux of the Matter, Interview with Antero
Non-sectarian Crucifixion archetypes get personal

Ritual Journals by Antero
The Dreaming Ritual Lab,
Autumn 2000
Movements recalled from dreams into ritual choreography
The Anima/Animus Lab, Spring 2001
Soul-retrieval rituals for reclaiming psychic projections
The Ancestor Lab, Autumn 2001
Tapping ancestral wellsprings for guidance and healing
The Holy Trinity Lab, Autumn 2002
Unearthing a tryptich of core sustaining values
The Initiations Lab, Winter 2003 to Spring 2004
Initiatic experience into performance: “Orphans of Delirium”
The Two-Faced Clowns Lab, Fall 2005
When planning a ritual clown show suddenly turned serious
The Song & Prayer Lab, Autumn 2006; 3 months
with “Whereabouts Unknown”, only public Lab Witnessing
The Chakra Lab, Spring 2007; 8 Monday nights
Sourcing the Body's verticality of eight energy centers
Dreaming Rituals on Mt. Tamalpais, Spring 2008
Working within the dream vortex of the mountain
The Muses Lab, Spring 2010; twice a week
Ritual dialogue with the elusive Muses archetype
Ritual Actions of the Muses Lab, Winter 2010/11
Advanced paratheatre methods amplify the Muses dialogue

The Journals of Others
Who have trained in this Paratheatre medium with Antero
Serene Zloof
, Leah Kahn, John M. Doyle, Sylvi Alli, Nick Walker,
Jessica Bockler, JoJo Razor, David Hunt, Jessie Woletz, Brendan
Ramsden, Paradox Pollack, Jakob Bokulich, and James Wagner

The Anima/Animus Lab, 2001; Serene
Post-Lab performance of Orphans of Delirium, 2005; Paradox
Post-Lab performance of Orphans of Delirium, 2005; Jakob
The Techniques Lab, 2005 ; Leah, John, Sylvi
The Alchemy Mandala Lab, 2006; Nick, Sylvi, Jessica, Jojo
The Beginner’s Mind Lab, 2007; David, Jessie, Brendan
The Mount Tamalpais Dreaming Rituals Lab, 2008; Sylvi
The Ritual Actions of the Muses Lab, 2010/2011; Sylvi
The Muses Lab, 2010; James

On Weekend Intensives
Outline of Ritual Structures, Designs, and Methods
For the ritual facilitator of introductory workshops

Portland Productions (2016-2018)
Notes on pre-production Labs, Performances, Press Reviews
"A Turbulence of Muses” - poetry by Arthur Rimbaud
“Bardoville” - poetry by Charles Bukowski
“Soror Mystica” - poetry by Hilda Doolittle (aka HD)
“Fallen Monsters” - poetry by William Blake
“Escape from Chapel Perilous” - poetry by Sylvia Plath

"The Celebrants" (2023)
A Video Experiment
Film review by David Finkelstein, Lake Ivan Film Jounal

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