Experimental Short Films, Videos and
VideoPoems by Antero Alli

"LOADED VISIONS" is comprised of ten short "videopoems" utilizing
text from my favorite poets -- Rimbaud, Plath, Neruda, H.D., Tzara, --
as oblique narratives to summon the spirits embedded in the text itself.
Poetry presented and performed as invocation."
- Antero Alli

"MOUVEMENT" (2001; 4 min) text by Arthur Rimbaud

"This superior collection of short films made over the course of a decade
shows that Antero Alli, who has made many feature length films, is also a
master of the short form. Set to poetic texts, often to excellent music by
his long time collaborator Sylvi Alli, these films show Alli’s command of film
editing and visual language, and his ability to draw performances of deeply
grounded power from dancers and actors, to create visions which are
indeed “loaded.” They are loaded with the ability to evoke deep longings,
exaltations, historic and cultural memories, and altered spiritual states."
by David Finkelstein for filmthreat.com (7/13/2010)
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BOOK OF QUESTIONS (6:00; 1993) text by Pablo Neruda (above left)
WITCH BURNING (4:00; 1998) text by Sylvia Plath (above right)
D.U.I. (1991; 8:00) and THE WORD, WEIRD (1993; 6:30), text by Antero Alli
SOME PASS THIS WAY (1994; 8:00), text by Sean Blosl

LILY IN LIMBO (27:00; 2001) text by H.D. (above left)
FAIRY (4:00; 2001) text by Arthur Rimbaud (above center)
MOUVEMENT (4:00; 2001) text by Arthur Rimbaud (above right)

COLD FORCE (6:00; 1994) text by Antero Alli (above left)
ANTI-PHILOSOPHER (4:00; 1999) text by Tristan Tzara (above right)

Watch "LILY IN LIMBO in its entirety

"Lily in Limbo" presents a one-woman tour-de-force by Sylvi Alli
as an artist whose self-imposed isolation corrupts her senses into a
state of bitterness and delusion. In her solitude, she loses herself in
a series of bizarre dreams thick with haunting images and disturbing
sounds (Sylvi created the film's quirky score), while the unlikely delivery
of a curious birthday gift disrupts her comfortable world. A fascinating
essay of a lost soul who is uncertain whether rescue is something
she really wants." --
Phil Hall, filmthreat.com
( from 10 best films you never saw)

Antero Alli

"...blazingly personal...the organically seething images of Alli's videopoems..."

Underlined titles are VIEWING LINKS:
LILY IN LIMBO (1996; 27:00), text by Hilda Doolittle (HD) 
MOUVEMENT (4:00; 2001) text by Arthur Rimbaud; videopoem
FEARS (8:30; 2001) text by Rainer Maria Rilke; videopoem
FAIRY (4:00; 2000) text by Arthur Rimbaud; videopoem
ANTI-PHILOSOPHER (4:00; 1999) text by Tristan Tzara; videopoem
WITCH BURNING (4:00; 1998) text by Sylvia Plath; videopoem
COLD FORCE (4:00; 1994); text by Antero Alli; experimental narrative
THE WORD, WEIRD (6:00; 1994); text by Antero Alli; a video lecture
BOOK OF QUESTIONS (6:00; 1993) text by Pablo Neruda; videopoem
BOMBS & PRAYERS (6:00; 1993/96) text by Rob Brezsny; videopoem
BLACK SEA (4:00; 1992); text by Antero Alli; videopoem