My feature Art films (since 1995), VideoPoems (since 1992),
Music videos (since 2017) & Experimental Shorts (since 1993)
are now available for free viewing online by clicking the
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Disenchanted with the corruption of society, Jacob joins a Zen monastery. One day
his meditation practice ignites a spontaneous out of body experience, compelling him
to explore the more esoteric dimension of astral travel where he discovers bizarre
new worlds that shake and alter the very ground of his being (based on true events)

"The Vanishing Field" (2020; 72 min.) A Monastic Drama. Though this story was set (and filmed) in an actual Zen monastery with Buddhist non-actors, I never intended to make a "Buddhist movie". Instead, I felt ready to share a more personal story of a traumatic out of body experience that hit me many years ago. Setting my film in a Zen monastery and seeing it through the lens of meditation practice, opened up new ways to understand and convey this life-changing event that continues to haunt my life and inspire my films to this very day. - Antero Alli (excerpted from the Vision Statement) click image for production details

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Not available on dvd.


"Out of the Woods" (2015; 111 min.) A Magical Realist Drama. A young man returns from a near-death experience with amnesia and a disconcerting new talent that draws him into the strange new world of professional mentalism. Thirty years later, he's discovered by a documentary filmmaker who interviews him about his mysterious past and why he suddenly walked away from fame and fortune. OUT OF THE WOODS is a magical realist drama of one man’s journey through haunted dreams and childhood memories to find his one true love. Click images for production details.

“...a haunting, visually engaging, thematically intriguing and dramatically exciting film...
beautifully photographed, well-edited, and finely acted...
with an enchanting and
memorable score composed and sung by Sylvi Alli". -
Charles Kruger, flickstorm

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"THE BOOK OF JANE" (2013) 


"The Book of Jane" (2013; 117 min.) An Urban Fable of Feminine Initiation. Alice, a Professor of Comparative Religion, is writing a book exalting the feminist values of pre-Hellenic goddess mythologies. One day she meets Jane, an enigmatic older woman who roams the university campus, sleeps under a bridge, and rattles Alice with her disturbing insights. Alice's domestic partner Colette is an inspired artist who paints Goddess portraits. When Colette hears about Jane, she persuades Alice to invite her over for dinner. "The Book of Jane" is a story of three women attempting to embody the vision of an ancient culture but at a cost none of them expected. Click images for production details.

"“The Book of Jane” provides evidence of the artistic and intellectual power
that can be generated through underground filmmaking. It is also one of Alli’s
crowning achievements." -
Phil Hall, (5 stars out of 5)

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"FLAMINGOS" (2012) 


 (2012; 90 min.) An Outlaw Romance Noir. 
Twin sisters Beatrice and Zoe are in love with Ray, a hypnotist-bank robber obsessed by apocalyptic visions. Though Beatrice and Ray are married, Ray absconds with free spirit Zoe after a bank heist to the Flamingo motel to plot their future together. Meanwhile, two entities from a parallel dimension observe and influence their fates in this heady cocktail chaser of amour fou, crime, and metaphysical mischief. Click images for production details.

"FLAMINGOS is thoroughly remarkable in the way it packs dense, engaging layers
of honest emotional and spiritual musings in an extremely constricting framework.
The message this seems to convey is that sometimes the most intense spiritual
journeys happen when one has nowhere to go."

Mike Everleth, Underground Film Journal

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"To Dream of Falling Upwards"
 (2011; 125 min.) A Zany Occult Murder Mystery.
The elder Magus of the Thelemic Temple of Horus is on his deathbed when his biological son fraudulently inherits The Temple. Jack Mason - a promising young sex magickian and rightful heir to the Temple - plots revenge and falls into a maze of underworld encounters with professional psychopaths, desert brujas, and a twist of fate he never saw coming.  In the meantime, Jack assigns his two hot-headed apprentices the ego-corrosive ritual of going into business as clowns in this harrowing, hilarious collision between the contrary occult worlds of urban and rural sorcery. Click above images for production details.

"The complex, expertly constructed story involves a struggle for succession, a murder,
and a demonic possession. The twists of the story kept me glued to the screen through
several viewings; absolutely riveting and the cinematography is gorgeous. A stellar cast,
the film's great depth and power will keep you thinking for a very long time."
- David Finkelstein for (4 stars out of 5)

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Nudity, sexual situations, language, drug use.



"The Invisible Forest"
 (2008; 111 min.) A Hypnogogic Drama.
Alex, an experimental theatre director (Antero Alli), brings his troupe out to a forest to rehearse his vision of French Surrealist Antonin Artaud's (Clody Cates) magic theatre of ghosts, gods, and demons. But Alex is haunted by disturbing dreams where Artaud appears and mocks his ambitions. In an attempt to stop these dreams, he stays awake for three days. With his sanity finally pushed to its limits, Alex visits a psychotherapist who suggests hypnotic regression to remedy his problem. Alex is guided through the Sunconscious underworld of hallucinations, dreams, and memories to a place beyond belief and maybe beyond the mind itself. Additional text by William Shakesepare and Antonin Artaud.  Click images for production details.

"The film was created through improvisations instead of a script and embodies this principle
of art-making in its process. It incites and dares the viewer to let go of concepts and accept
the risky adventure of following the free, unimpeded energies of the body and mind.
Since, in real life, Alli is engaged in paratheatrical research, it becomes obvious that
the film’s fictional story is constructed out of documentary elements."

- David Finkelstein for (4 stars out of 5)

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"The Mind is a Liar and a Whore
" (2007; 92 min.) An Anxious X-mas Comedy. A typical Berkeley household - a heartbroken Astrologer, a closet Satanist, an Inuit opera singer, a Gulf War vet, and a WebCast diva - are forced indoors during a citywide lockdown from an alleged bioterrorist attack. Ona, a webcast diva with her own show, thinks the Feds are shifting into a fullblown police state. Her roomies think she's paranoid. Havoc and hilarity prevail as they all grasp for conclusions about what they think is happening during their escalating state of uncertainty. Click images for production details.

"Smart dialogue, compassionate and perceptive character writing, a heightened
sense of both the comic and dramatic potential of the situation, sharp editing,
and nuanced, powerful performances all come together in a film where comedy
and drama serve as a means to explore some of the roots of what it means to
be human, and live in a dangerous and unpredictable world.
David Finkelstein for (4 stars out of 5)

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"The Greater Circulation"
 (2005; 93 min.) A Poetic Docufiction. Over three fever-dream nights in the Hotel Biron, Paris 1908, poet Rainer Maria Rilke encounters the ghost of his friend, artist Paula Modersohn-Becker, who died shortly after birthing her first child. Rilke transforms his grief into "Requiem for a Friend", an epic prose work about women at the crossroads between Art and Motherhood. Meanwhile, a hundred years later, three women prepare to stage Rilke's "Requiem" as an avant garde performance ritual. Requiem for a Friend (included in its entirety throughout the film) written by Rainer Maria Rilke (trans., Stephen Mitchell). Click images for production details.

"…a deep, provocative and often disturbing drama which poses questions of love, art,
mortality and grief with the grace and majesty of Rilke’s work, “The Greater Circulation”
is among Alli's finest works. Anyone seeking lessons on how to create a wholly original
work of motion picture genius can start here." -
Phil Hall, (5 stars out of 5)

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"Under a Shipwrecked Moon(2003; 96 min.) An Ancestral Romance. The power of a long-buried family secret is unleashed when the extreme rituals of young punk rocker Jari catapults him into the spirit realm to search for his father, a ship captain who drowned at sea. Joining Jari on his journey is the spirit of his grandmother, a Finnish sorceress named Sisu, in this surrealistic fable of true love, giant hedgehogs and the mystical depths of ancestral bonds.  Click images for production  details.

In “Under a Shipwrecked Moon,” filmmaker Antero Alli presents the classic mythic tale
of a hero on a vision quest, but places it in a naturalistic setting where the fabulous and
the visionary is seen as a part of everyday life. The visions provide a metaphorical guide
to the forces which are the underpinnings of life’s dramas. In doing so, he enables the
viewer to build a bridge between the quotidian and the visionary, the living and the dead
- David Finkelstein for (4 stars out of 5)

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"HYSTERIA" (2002) 

"Hysteria" (2002; 83 min.) A Suspense Drama. During the Serb-Croatian war (1991-95), Ikar - a young Catholic soldier - unwittingly drinks hallucinagenic datura tea triggering a fullblown visitation (or hallucination?) from the Holy Virgin Mary who gives him "a special mission". To fulfill his religious destiny, Ikar migrates westward to Oakland California and starts pugilist training in preparation for his incendiary apotheosis. Written by Antero Alli and Jakob Bokulich (who also plays Ikar).  Click images for production details.

"HYSTERIA" is a profound and frequently disturbing work of intelligence that forces viewers
to weigh in on emotional issues that haunted America as a result of the tragic events of 9/11:
the damage created by religious dogma, the terror in dealing with inner fears, and the inability
to justify a societal mind frame built on a foundation of selfish behavior."

Phil Hall, (5 stars out of 5)

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"TRAGOS" (2000/01) 


 (2000/01; 105 min.) A Cyber-Noir Witch Hunt.  Underground San Francisco. An urban tribe of technopagans perform their ecstatic rites in "Tragos", a complex virtual reality program. One night their leader, Bella Luxor, overamps the program and goes blind, while her sister Vivika is 'assimilated' into Tragos as a disembodied entity. Was her death accidental or has Tragos become a suicide machine? Robert Logos, a fundamentalist Christian attorney, views Vivika's death as the workings of a satanic cult and hires a mole to infiltrate the group in this chilling tale of over-reliance on gadgets and God in the digital era. Click images for production details.

TRAGOS is an intellectual adrenaline rush of hypnotic strength and emotional depth.
In "Tragos," the filmmaker envisions a future where the desire to escape from
government and media thought-control drives people underground. Though
perhaps the future is a lot closer than we think, since the parallels between
Alli's futuristic tale and the assault on many basic contemporary liberties
seems too close for comfort. -
Phil Hall, (4 stars out of 5)

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"The Drivetime" (1995; 86 min.) A Cyber-Fi Video. In the hopes of obtaining politically sensitive video footage of police riots, a federal achivist from the year 2023 uses a flawed Time Travel device to return to Seattle circa 1999 via the dreams of a video activist. The Drivetime refers to an image-rich corridor expressing the overlap between dreamtime and daytime realities. The Drivetime movie was created during the birth of the internet within the seething underground Seattle subculture, circa 1995. Written and produced with Rob Brezsny.
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"One of the most chilling yet innovative cinematic essays on the flaws of today's
technology-obsessed society. This work should be seen by anyone who mistakenly
believes that all's calm and well in our little digital sphere. Alli's iconoclastic view
of a future world projects a dazzling stream-of-consciousness skein of technical
wizardry and provocative wordplay."
- WIRED Magazine

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The VideoPoems (since 1992)
and MusicVideos (since 2017)


from "Fears" - text by Rainer Maria Rilke

"Set to poetic texts, often to excellent music by his long time collaborator
Sylvi Alli, these films show Alli’s command of film editing and visual language,
and his ability to draw performances of deeply grounded power from dancers
and actors, to create visions which are indeed loaded with the ability to evoke
deep longings, exaltations, cultural memories, and altered spiritual states."

- David Finkelstein for (4 stars) 

---> The VideoPoems viewing links
LILY IN LIMBO (1996-2001; 27:00), text by Hilda Doolittle (HD) 
MOUVEMENT (4:00; 2001) text by Arthur Rimbaud
FEARS (8:30; 2001) text by Rainer Maria Rilke
FAIRY (4:00; 2000) text by Arthur Rimbaud
WITCH BURNING (4:00; 1998) text by Sylvia Plath
BOOK OF QUESTIONS (6:00; 1993) text by Pablo Neruda
BOMBS & PRAYERS (6: 00; 1993/96) text by Rob Brezsny
A POISON TREE (3:41; 2018); text by William Blake
BLACK SEA (4:00; 1992); text by Antero Alli
REQUIEM FOR A FRIEND (1991; 40 min.)
text by Rainer Maria Rilke

MUSIC VIDEOS (bird&wolf)

"EXTRACTION" ; bird&wolf music video

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Sylvi Alli, vocals, accordian & lyrics; Antero Alli, guitar & video


xxxxxxxx"COLD FORCE" (1993) xxxxxxxxxxandxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx "ROADKILL" (2001)

Since 1993, I've been creating short videos that don't really fall into any existing
categories besides maybe 'experimental.' The viewing link below goes to thirteen
videos (titles listed below) posted online with descriptions on how each was cast
as a specific experiment.

from "LILY IN LIMBO" starring Sylvi Alli

---> Experimental Shorts viewing links
THE HOUSE OF FEAR (2020; 5:15 min),
THE ANGEL (2019; 4 min.)
NORTH (2019; 3:31 min)
UNDER (2018; 3:50)
SHADOWPLAY (2017; 4:31 min.)
MARIONETTE (2015; 3:48 min.)
NAIAD (2014; 4:15 min)
THE MORRIGAN (2013; 2:12 min)
ROADKILL (2001; 25 min)
LILY IN LIMBO (1996-2001; 26 min)
THE APPOINTMENT (1994; 4 min)
INERTIA (1994; 16 min.)
COLD FORCE (1993; 4 min.)



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ANTERO  has been writing and directing underground feature films since 1993. His deep background in experimental theatre (since 1975) imprints his work with their distinct theatrical and surrealistic sensibility. His movies have been extensively reviewed at and seen in limited runs on the west coast arthouse circuit. In 2015, he took a five year hiatus from filmmaking to develop, direct and produce five intermedia physical theatre works (documented on video) while creating a series of music videos with his wife, Sylvi. Antero returned to creating cinema with "The Vanishing Field" (2020; 72 min.).

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