Sunday November 7th, 2021. Portland OR - World premiere
(photo: Brad Latesta)

~ moments from the film ~

Ben (Benjamin Ervin) serenades Hope (Helia Rasti) as she attempts to write

Helen (Helia Rasti) listening to Phineas (Douglas Allen)

Callista (Sylvi Alli) and Hope (Helia Rasti) in a tense moment over afternoon tea

Helen (Helia Rasti) watching Phineas (Douglas Allen)

Callista (Sylvi Alli) and Calliope (Cynthia Schwell) in the forest

Helen's (Helia Rasti) singing lures Phineas (Douglas Allen) away from his work

Calliope (Cynthia Schwell) and Hope (Helia Rasti) in ritual time

"Reinventing the Romantic" -- Vision statement

"The Alchemy of Sulphur" -- Film reviews

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