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Public Events
The 8-Circuit Brain Online course with Antero
Experiential Astrology Online course with Antero
Upcoming Screenings (usually in Portland OR)

"Experiential Astrology" (2022) by Antero.
"State of Emergence" (2020) by Antero.
"The Eight-Circuit Brain" (2009/14) by Antero. 
"Astrologik" PDF (1999) by Antero. Reviewed 
"Towards an Archeology of the Soul": (2003) by Antero (reviewed)
"The Vertical Oracle": (1996) A Neo-Tarot Deck by Sylvi and Antero
All books by Antero

Music Recordings
bird&wolf (Sylvi Alli, vocals & lyrics; Antero Alli, guitar& video)
"The Book of Jane" (film soundtrack CD) (2013) Music by Sylvi & others
"Flamingos" (film soundtrack CD) (2012) Music by Sylvi & others
"Vessel" (CD) (2010) Music by Sylvi. Eleven original songs.
"Songs as Vehicles" (CD) (2005) ParaTheatrical ReSearch.
"A Hundred Birds" (CD) (2007) Music by Sylv
"Dream of the Blue Moth" (CD) (1990-2002) Music by Sylvi
"Under a Shipwrecked Moon" (film soundtrack CD) (2003) Music by Sylvi & others
"Too Near the Ghosts" (CD) (2001) Music by Sylvi

Antero Alli, Video/Filmography
"Tracer" (2022) a Psi-Fi Suspense
"The Alchemy of Sulphur" (2021) a Psychological Romance
"The Vanishing Field" (2020) a Monastic Drama
"Out of the Woods" (2015) a Magical Realist Drama
"The Book of Jane" (2013) a Feminist Fable
"Dreambody/Earthbody" (2012) paratheatre video document
"Flamingos" (2012) an Outlaw Romance Noir
"To Dream of Falling Upwards" (2011) a Zany Occult Thriller
"The Invisible Forest" (2008) a Hypnogogic Drama
"The Mind is a Liar and a Whore" (2007) an Anxious X-mas Comedy
"The Greater Circulation" (2005) a Poetic Docufiction
"Orphans of Delirium" (2004) paratheatre video document
"Under a Shipwrecked Moon" (2003) an Ancestral Drama
"Hysteria" (2002) a Suspense Drama
"Roadkill" (2001) short film on two types of romantic love
"Tragos" (2000) a Cyber-Noir Witch Hunt tale
"Crux" (1999) paratheatre video document
"Lily in Limbo" (1996-2001) a poetry film (HD, text)
"The Drivetime" (1995) a Vyber-Fi Experimental
"Inertia" (1994) short film on failed romance
"The Oracle" (1993) Mystical Family drama
"Archaic Community" (1991) paratheatre video document

bird&wolf Sylvi & Antero duets; music videos (since 2017)
"VideoPoems" (since 1992) Rilke, Plath, Rimbaud, HD, Neruda, Blake
Experimental Shorts (since 1992)
Music Videos (since 2013)
Paratheatre Video Documents (since 1991)

Complete Filmography (since 1991; reviews, clips, stills)
Vision Statement"Why Do I make Films?" plus reviews and clips 
FILMS ONLINE: Links to Antero's films online 
Film Bookings: Screening Packages for Event Producers; rates & policies 
Great Films: Antero's favorite filmmakers and films 
"Eight Circuits of Consciousness" (2009) Video Lecture

Antero Alli interviews: Podcasts, Video & Text 
Cultural Immunity in a Mad World (2021 with Chris Odell)
The Beautiful Mutants Spacecast (2020; Dusty Santamaria)
The Other Future Ep. #11 (2019; Terry Tapp)
Podcast Interview (2015; Datsusara)
Podcast Interview (2016; Datsusara)
Podcast Interview (2018; Datsusara)
Podcast Interview  (2015; The Sync Book)
Podcast Interview  (2010; Right Where You Are Sitting Now)
Podcast Interview  (2009; Radical Change Group, on paratheatre)
Podcast Interview  (2007; Radical Change Group, on 8-circuit brain)
Podcast Interview (2008; FuturePrimitives with Joanna Harcourt-Smith
VIDEO CLIPS -- EIGHT- CIRCUIT MODEL (March 2010 w. Daniel Kottke)
Artship Video Interview: On Filmmaking (2003 w. Slobodan Dan Paitch)
Horizon O.T.O. Interview (April 2012 w. Mark Dalton)
Six Questions About Synchronicity (December 2011 w. Jesse Ducharme)
Constellation Magazine Interview (April 2010 by Sherene Schostak)
Reality Sandwich Interview (Sept. 2009 by Alison Levy)
"A Deliberate Disorientation of the Senses" (2008, Juanita Benedicto) 
THE GREY LODGE REVIEW INTERVIEW (March 2009 by John Wisniewski) 
Interviews on the topic of Paratheatre (1999 to present day)
Ritual Triggers and Altered States
 (2002 by Scotto Moore)
"Underground Filmmaker" (2004; "Encyclopedia of Underground Movies" by Phil Hall) 
Antero interviews Rob Brezsny (1992) On the Theme of Intoxication

Essays, manifesto, poetry, book excerpts 

Cinephile Confessions in the Time of Covid: Notes from the Underground
Poetry by Antero
The Discordian Tarot: Unpublished deck of cards inspired by Discordianism
World Entertainment Warriors: How To See Through Advertising
The Eight-Circuit Brain in Theory and Practice 
The Neuro-Pharmacy of the Eight Circuit Brain (from Talking Raven Quarterly)
Undoing the World: A Paratheatre Manifesto, Parts 1-5
Double Vision: On the First and Second Attentions
Iconoclastic Ritual: On the Design of Idiosyncratic Ceremony
Notes on the Muses Dialogue On Courting the Muses 
Dreaming Rituals: Non-interpretive Dreamwork for the Active Body 
The Akashic Record Player: (The 2015 Afterword by the author) 
BOOKS IN PRINT - Experiential Astrology, State of Emergence, Angel Tech,
The Eight-Circuit Brain
, The Akashic Record Player, Astrologik, Vertical Oracle,
Pregnant Universe, Towards an Archeology of the Soul

Astrological Services and Writings
"The Planets as Forces": The Archetypal Language of Astrology
"Outside Shocks!": On the Timing of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto Transits
"Five Big Misconceptions About Astrology" On Exposing Stereotypes and Cliches
Click this for more Astrological Essays

MISC Links
Vertical Pool Links Page: Visionary filmmakers, west coast arthouses, intermedia resources 
Paratheatrical Links: paratheatre groups, intermedia performers, dreamtime cultures 
"Discordian Tarot": inspired by Principia Discordia and created by Antero in 1979
"Requiem For a Friend" Complete text by Rainer Maria Rilke. Translated by Stephen Mitchell. 
Rainer Maria Rilke: On Love & Other Difficulties; Letters to a Young Poet
The Frozen Beauties: Antero's 1980 neopunk band (MP3 files/songs, flyers, band history) 
The Phaistos Disk: The Encoded Mysteries of an Ancient Language 
The Myth of Icarus  the underlying mythos of Antero Alli's film "Hysteria"
The Nomad VideoFilm Festival: (1992-2002) west coast touring venue; Antero & Sylvi, curators
Talking Raven Quarterly: Poetry & Art Periodical (Antero Alli, editor; 1991-95, Seattle WA) 


"The Vertical Oracle"

"Existence itself may be considered an abyss
possessed of no meaning. I do not read this as a
pessimistic statement but a declaration of autonomy 
for my imagination & will and their most beautiful
act of bestowing meaning  upon existence itself."

 -- Hakim Bey